How to Make Industrial Pipe Shelves

Industrial Pipe Shelves are a fantastic thing to include in your home. They add amazing flair and are strong enough to store lots of your house contents.

Industrial Pipe Shelves can be used for just about any kind of storage, whether for convenience or storage purposes. You can even design your own shelves to make them fit your chosen wall perfectly. (Not to mention fit your aesthetic preference)

Today, we’re going to look at the various aspects of how you can make Industrial Pipe Shelves. By the time you’ve read through this, you’ll know each part of an Industrial Pipe Shelf and have the knowledge of how it is put together.

Read on if you’re interested!

Commonly Required Tools

While it will depend on how you are constructing your Industrial Pipe Shelves, there are certain tools that tend to be needed. You may not need all of them if you are getting your wood and/or pipes prepared at a factory or Home Depot.

Either way, here are the most commonly required tools for making an Industrial Pipe Shelf:

· Stud Finder

· Pencil, Ruler, Etc.

· Table Saw

· Hand Drill

· Miter Saw

· Sand Paper

· Thick Gloves

· Brushes, Rags, and Cloth

· Painting Equipment

You may need other tools as well. Be sure that you have everything you need before you start. If you are not sure how to use some of the more advanced tools in this list, you should consider letting a professional do that portion of the work for you.

Commonly Required Materials

The obvious materials are wood and pipes. However, you do need to make sure you have all the right parts.

The industrial pipes will depend on your design. Your design will need to have specific measurements so that you are able to acquire the correct sized pieces.

We would also recommend buying extra pieces of each measurement so you won’t need to bother going back to the hardware store a second time. It is best to be safe rather than sorry!

As for wood, we recommend strong plywood. However, you can use whatever type of wood you prefer. (Just make sure it is durable enough to carry heavy weights) Make sure you get all your pieces made to the exact size you need. If you’re not 100% certain, (though you really should be) aim for slightly longer than you expect to need. It is easier to cut a small piece of your wood off the end than buy an entirely new, longer piece!

Basic Steps:

#1 – Create the Design First

Making Industrial pie shelves is difficult on its own. Trying to make them without any design prepared is impossible. You should either hand draw or computer design your industrial pipe shelving plan before you ever think about going to buy wood and pipes.

Once you have your design, ensure that it will fit on the wall you plan to mount it on. You should also check that your measurements are all accurate.

#2 – Set Up Your Piping Frame

Your pipe frame is what the wooden shelves will sit on. Naturally, this means you need to mount the piping frame first. You can even mount the pipes ahead of time to see how they look.

As long as your measurements were correct, you shouldn’t run into any trouble here. If your pipes aren’t perfect, make sure to adjust your design before continuing.

#3 – Cut and Prepare Your Wood

Assuming you didn’t get your wood professionally cut, now would be the time to do so. Make sure you cut each piece perfectly. Do not mount the wood yet as you still have another step to follow before you do that.

#4 – Paint Your Pipes and Stain Your Wood

Generally, pipes are painted black to make your industrial pipe shelves look excellent. However, the color choices are yours, of course. On top of painting your pipes, you should also sand and stain your wood pieces. Make sure when you sand the wood that you don’t shorten the size by sanding too much.

#5 – Install the Completed Pieces

Now that all of your industrial pipe shelf pieces are ready, you can install the completed shelves. Assuming you did everything correctly and you didn’t miscalculate any measurements, you should now have amazing, brand-new industrial pipe shelves. Enjoy!